Stephen Davis Web & UX Design 

Steve Davis is a documentary photographer living in Reno, Nevada. He has photographed agricultural lands and open spaces in Minnesota, California, and northern Nevada. His website tells the stories of the people he photographs and places he visits.



"At Christmas time I buy six boxes of cherry chocolates at a time.  I ate too many of them and I got a bellyache which lasted three days."

"What I miss most is the easy stuff, the simple things.  Like waking up and not having to worry—or, just going to school with my friends."

"The land was my sanctuary. I'd go there to be alone. I was a dreamer. I would go there to think and to dream and that's what that place meant to me." 

Design & Development

Our design focused on a curatorial aspect of showcasing the photographs. Easy to navigate, easy to scroll, the focus is on the photography. Our design process involved moving a large portfolio of analog photos into a digital environment, one that is minimal, simple, and tells a story. Most important to Steve was to tell a story of the moments in time he captured. Organized by place and collection. Information architecture was critical in order to tell the story and showcase each collection. Each image has its own page, unencumbered by obstruction.