Kari is a UX designer with the Office of Academic Innovation at Portland State University and specializes in accessible UX online program & course design with additional product integration such as adaptive software. Her research interests incorporate usability and universal design for learning on a large project scale for a University student population of around 30,000 students. A designer by nature, she spends her free time photographing, crafting, hiking, exploring Portland, and baking gluten-free desserts.



UX Designer, Portland State University | Office of Academic Innovation (2014-present)
I specialize in accessible user experience online program & course design with additional product integration such as adaptive software. My research interests incorporate usability and universal design for learning on a large project scale for a University student population of around 30,000 students.

Instructional Designer/Digital Media Manager, University of Montana | Innovation Studio (2012-2014)
Project manager for a team of students including graphic, video, and multimedia designers. Projects include course and program design/branding, best standards for Moodle, workshop development, and instructional design for faculty.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of Montana (2013-2014)
Classes taught:

  • Instructional Media & Computer Applications in Education (EDU370),
  • Social Media Strategy & Management (BMKT 291)

Media Arts Instructor, University of Montana (2012-2013)
Instructor of Record for all courses:

  • MAR 102 Digital Technology in the Arts (online)
  • MAR 111 Integrated Digital Art (taught 2 semesters face-to-face, worked on the development into hybrid and taught for 1 semester, worked on the development into online taught 1 semester)
  • MAR 340 Principles of Interactive Media (face-to-face)
  • MAR 395 Social Networking in the Virtual Community, built curriculum as well as hybrid online component (taught for three semesters)


MFA Integrated Digital Media, University of Montana 2013

BA International Affairs & Spanish Literature, University of Nevada 2009

Professional Presentations & Commitments

Presenter, Implementing Accessibility & Usability in the Public Sector, donuts.js (Nov 2017) (presentation)

Co-presenter, Scaling Adaptive Courseware Use at Public Universities: Implementation Processes and Early Outcomes, Educause (Nov 2017) (presentation)

APLU Learning Community Manager, Active & Adaptive Grant (APLU & Gates Foundation) (July 2017 - multi-year project)

Creative Direction in Curriculum & Program Development, Hack (civic) University
Strategic program design & development including training of instructors for Hack University, a non-profit school focused on building cutting-edge open-source data projects that impact the Portland, Oregon community.

UX Design Lead, City of Portland & Hack Oregon
Project: Run The Numbers - Budget: A community-powered non-profit building civic data projects to promote engagement, awareness, and quality of life. Lead of 6-8 junior & senior designers for the City of Portland Budget Team. (product launch May 2017)

Member, Universal Access Subcommittee, Portland State University (May 2017)
The Universal Design (UD) Subcommittee was formed to evaluate UD and provide a value statement for PSU to strive towards UD. UD is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.

UX Design, Product,  Site Design - Oregon Hunger Task Force, Partners For A Hungry Free Oregon
Did you know that Oregon is one of the most food insecure states with a quarter million Oregonians left hungry each year? This website showcases the bipartisan Oregon Hunger Task Force’s past 5 year efforts to end hunger in the state, current strategies, and acts as a data portal for legislators and the public. (product launch Feb. 2017)

Peer Reviewer, Journal of Accessibility & Design For All
Emerges from the sum of the visions of both institutions, the Fundación ONCE and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-BarcelonaTech. It aims to be the meeting point between knowledge and social reality, offering a framework for discussion in which science and society could incorporate their needs and opportunities to ensure equal opportunities for all people through progress. (2016-2017)

Presenter, Designing for Diverse Populations, Northwest Managers of Educational Technology Conference (April 2017) (presentation)

Organizer & Co-Presenter, Inclusive Design In Education, Design Week Portland (April 2017)
Jaime Wood, Teaching Associate for Teaching, Learning and Assessment OAI, PSU
Samantha Johns, Accessibile Media Coordinator, OAI, PSU
Sam Biyazin, Accessible Media Tester, OAI, PSU

A short ted-talk like discussion in collaboration with PSU’s accessibility specialist & native screen reader tester about what it means to promote inclusive design through innovation in the higher educational landscape. This talk will go over open educational resources (OER’s) and their impact in the field such as open-source code, software, textbooks, and materials, community-based learning and building partnerships, accessibility, and design initiatives such as user testing with a native screen reader user who is blind, branding and identity building in the online environment and strategies for reducing barriers in web design.

Instructor, Digital Branding & Marketing, Hack Oregon (2017)

Product Design - Civic, Hack Oregon
Civic is a radically new open data portal for the city of Portland. “Oregon’s brightest coders, creatives, government leaders, and community members working together to discover the invisible stories of our civic life”. I spent 6 weeks with a team of 15 other designers to spec out the Civic platform (launch est. April 2017) 

Designer, Achiever Education & Training, 300/400 level college course designs certified through American Council on Education

Design & Research, Accessibility Worksheet: Training on Understanding WCAG for faculty & staff

Presenter, UX Design, Montana Accessibility Interest Group (2016) (presentation)

Quality Matters Certificate, Using Instructional Materials and Technology to Promote Learner Engagement (2016) (continuing education)

OLC (Online Learning Consortium) Workshop: Exploring Interactive Video Tools (2016) (continuing education)

OLC  workshop: Strategies to Improve Retention (2016) (continuing education)

OLC workshop: Exploring Spatial Thinking with GIS (2016) (continuing education)

PresenterThe HTML Classroom, Xli - Innovation in Teaching & Learning Conference (2016)

Presenter, Designing an Accessible Campus: Strategies for Success, UX Design: Creating the Ultimate User Experience with Playful Design, Xli - Innovation in Teaching & Learning Conference (2015)

Presenter, Beyond Course Design, Using Social Media in the Online Environment with Special Attention to Accessibility and Universal Design Best Practices, Xli - Innovation in Teaching & Learning Conference (2014)

Artist, Disparateness Exhibition, Zootown Arts
A month long exhibit about a story between past and present, analog and digital, old and new: incorporating objects vs. ideas

Artist, Overcoming the Axis, UM Gallery
A month long collaborative mixed media exhibit with artist Heather Stockton