Project Description

My favorite past time is baking. I love making treats for special occasions or no occasion at all! This assignment asks us to attempt something we’ve always wanted to learn. Since baking is a continuous learning process I would like to attempt making several things I have recently had trouble with or have been intimidated to try.


Approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose” (“Lactose Intolerance”, 2018).


Research attempt + need for further study on current baking problem:

  • We know people are sensitive to dairy - how does dairy affect baking, and can we substitute for lactose-free ingredients?

  • Will a dairy free cream cheese cream into frosting as easily as regular cream cheese? First attempt = results show clumping, inconsistent texture and consistency of fats.
    (question parameters: I have never made a cream cheese frosting before so I will need to compare dairy free & regular.)

  • My first attempt at making it the buttercream began to clump and eventually the consistency became similar to cottage cheese - very unlink the creamy texture I was expecting.

  • Some initial research led me to understand that temperature matters with fats such as butter when whipping. My butter had been room temperature where my (lactose free) cream cheese has come straight from the fridge.

  • For future study: Research to help understand more about the fundamentals of cooking & baking: Watch Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat on Netflix - a four part documentary by Samin Nosrat. Compare video to book + make notes about problems and considerations to make a successful lactose free and regular cream cheese buttercream. After reading a bit from the Samin’s cookbook I knew that temperature of ingredients affects how a product will turn out. Butter has an extremely low melting point, for example our own body temperature melts butter. This research will help me understand the elements of cooking so I can problem solve and adapt quickly in the kitchen.


Help Me Understand what you want to eat! (ux research needed)

(As a note I bake all gluten free. Think of gluten free baking as a different language from regular baking. The rules are different because the ingredients are different.)

Hey you! do you like desserts?! Maybe you don’t and that’s ok too! Making not overly sweet treats is also fun. Zucchini bread anyone?! Either way please help me understand what you want to see from a dessert!

Which flavor do you prefer in a dessert?
Please pick one:
these are desserts I have always wanted to make


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