Flexible Degrees 

This project requested faculty proposals to develop academic programs that make effective use of technology to offer flexible, high quality and affordable education for undergraduate students who have attended college without receiving college credentials and graduate students who seek new avenues. (2015 - 2019) 

My work reflects course, program, and departmental UX design at Portland State University. My work on these projects include accessible UX design with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, and additional product integration such as adaptive software and e-portfolios. 


Usability & Course Design

This multi-year project is ongoing and includes many courses, programs, and departments at Portland State. Topics I have worked directly on all include usability and also:

  • Integrate media & interaction in online spaces

  • Build community in an online environment

  • Promote Usability & Universal Design for Learning

  • Designing consistency around course materials & design including tempalting

  • Focus on persuasive design, promoting student agency, and design-based research, gamification

Read about a medieval art design I worked with two colleagues to design a game-based research project called the Medieval Marketplace:

Featured in The Chronicle of Education: The Games Art Historians Play: Online Game-based Learning in Art History and Museum Contexts

Kunstgeschichte im digitalen Wandel'Gaming' als pädagogisches Werkzeug: An ungraduate's thesis paper that contextualizes this project with research in gamification (in german)