Accessibility isn't a feature, It's a quality - Heydon Pickering

Image & work by Kari Goin & Jaime Wood

Image & work by Kari Goin & Jaime Wood


My talks on Designing for Diverse Populations, Inclusive Design, and Implementing Accessibility in the Public Sector, reflect the principle of promoting and working with diverse communities. My collaborative projects promote faculty professional development around the creation of accessible classroom materials and assignments.

Maslow's hierarchy of needs famously outlined human motivation extending his ideas to belonging, curiosity, and self-actualization. Jaime Wood, MFA and I combined our research into a model for online learning spaces and curriculum. Content needs to be accessible, reliable, and usable, before it can ask learners to participate at a motivational level. This research is used in reference of inclusive design practices in online learning at the Office of Academic Innovation at Portland State.



Questions & Challenges

  • Understanding compliance vs. usability

  • Building buy-in around accessibility

  • Integrating software that is accessible & usable

  • Promoting Universal Design for Learning

WCAG Guidelines were written for web developers and can often be complicated to apply to outside situations. The WCAG Accessibility worksheet is designed to highlight the important standards and apply them to a style guide that is consistent for developing accessible digital materials in the higher educational environment.